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feeling the love

Monday, July 30, 2012

My boyfriend and I have been dating since high school, my freshman year to be exact. We've had our share of fights and break-ups back in the day but somehow it has all worked out. I can never really pin point any specific words to describe exactly how I feel or how happy I am with Julian, but when I get to photograph engagements and happy couples it makes me SO excited because I realize how the same we all really are. Everyone has their own little quirks but love is so universal and I am forever in awe of it. Here are a few of the many photographs I took at Bailey & Andy's engagement party. It was such a fun weekend! Um, why can't the good times last forever?! 

creative genius

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love asking my friends to model for me! Meet Kelli. I've known this girl since the 1st grade. We don't hang out often anymore, but when we do it's like nothing has changed.  So, I knew when I asked her to wear a spaghetti strap white dress in the middle of the winter for the sake of a beautiful photograph that she'd be down. Thankfully, neither of us got sick after this impromptu photo shoot in the freezing cold. Seriously, it was FREEZING.

oldie but goodie

Sunday, July 15, 2012

At my first photography workshop with Carla Ten Eyck she asked us what drove us to take photographs. Was it beautiful scenery? Fancy paintings? Sleeping babies? Looking deep within myself, I came to realize that I am driven by people. I find something beautiful and photograph worthy about every person that I come into contact with. Flipping through Facebook I saw Lily, and I knew I had to take pictures of her. When I awkwardly messaged her to ask if I could take pictures of her, I had no idea how beautiful the outcome would really be.