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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Phew! Finally sitting down with my feet up after a crazy few weeks of back to school, traveling, tons of editing and a calendar full of sessions. Quick recap: At the end of August I attended an AMAZING photography workshop, and then started my SENIOR year of college the following week. I have a pretty full course load consisting of four writing classes and a math class (which I'm pretty sure is going to be harder for me than all four of the writing classes combined! Ugh!) On top of school, I  recently got a new part time job at a tanning salon. I've been working mostly nights, heading straight there after school. Most days gone from 8:45am until right around 10pm.

On top of that, Julian just purchased his first house! *So so proud of him!* Lots of my weekends have been spent helping him unpack & get everything looking perfect.

On top of that, I've had at least one photo session every week and tons in the works for October, including an awesome wedding!

& On top of that I just got to spend a perfect week in The Outer Banks in North Carolina courtesy of Julian's parents! 

So basically - senior year, work, photo shoots, emails, editing, packing, unpacking, traveling, beach!, coffeecoffeecoffeee. Yep. That pretty much sums the month of September up.  Super exhausted but it's all good stuff so I can't even complain.

Sidenote of busyness: I'm currently booking into December. CRAYYYcray I know! So if you're interested in a session please don't hesitate to contact me. I seriously hate to have to turn people away.


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