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Friday, August 24, 2012

It's weird how fast time really does pass. It seems like just yesterday Rachel and I were taking shopping trips in my 1992 Buick Century. Blue exterior with matching blue velvet interior & a big bench seat in the front that fit 3 people. So perfect for impromptu trips to the movies/dollar store after school with anyone and everyone who would tag along. It's so funny to look back at the things that we used to care about and the things that we really thought mattered. 

Sometimes I feel like I missed out on what high school is really supposed to be like because I went to a private school and graduated with only 18 kids. Yeah. 18 including me. What's funny is people still hate me because of the things I did in high school. You know, I was your typical cheating, backstabbing, spoiled brat 16-year-old. But if anyone can move on, it's this girl. I literally stole her boyfriend freshman year and have basically been with him ever since. Sorry Rach, you know I love you! The more time passes, the more I learn about life and friendship. The more I realize that I want to surround myself with people who love me as much as I love them. The people who can actually make time to meet up for lunch or even just to chat. The people who I can see once every few months and still have it be like those moments in high school. Like nothing ever changed-- when really, everything has. 

I can honestly say I'm SO proud of my girl Rachel for following her dreams and her heart. She has worked so hard to become an LPN and she isn't stopping there. She's starting up school in the Fall to become an RN and is working two jobs to pay for it. I love seeing her in her scrubs after work because it reminds that not too long ago we were all wearing our Faith Prep school uniforms. The world is ours now. 

Here's to growing up & never stopping.

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