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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Somehow I've made it to 700 fans on my Facebook page! It feels like just yesterday I was jumping for joy because I reached 200. I have literally learned SO much since I started this little hobby of mine. I want to give a special shout out to all of the people who have supported me since day one and didn't give up on me, even after I posted all those over saturated photos shot in automatic. ;) And to those people who STILL love me even though sometimes I don't get the skin tones quite right, or maybe my exposure is a little off. The thing is, I still have so much to learn and honestly, I'll never stop learning. 

As a special thank you (and because I love you all!!!) I'm giving away a $200 Photography by Jillian Gift Card

Here's how to enter:
  •  LIKE my Facebook Page if you haven't already
  •  LIKE the status my the page about the giveaway 
To increase your chances of winning:
  •  Post something like this as a status: "Entered to win $200 with Photography by Jillian!" (Status  must include an actual link to my page. To do this press "@" and start typing Photography by Jillian) Your name will be entered again each time a status is posted!

Winners will be chosen randomly on November 1st. Your gift card can be used for yourself or given away as a gift of course!!! Can't wait to see if you won? Book a session and use the $200 for prints or other products. Send me an email at with any additional questions!!


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