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Monday, May 21, 2012

So I just finished up the semester on Wednesday with my last final and I didn't even get a chance to recuperate before I was snapping away with a super busy photography weekend. Thursday was head shots with Miss Connecticut, Friday Arielle Salon's grand re-opening party & Sunday was a family shoot with baby Nicholas followed by a 2nd birthday party in Stratford. Needless to say, I'm swamped with editing, sorting and delivering! But it's a really good, gratifying kind of busy. Like when you don't even have the time to think about the pointless crap that normally floods your mind? I am celebrating this busyness by laying on the couch all day, drinking cappuccinos with almond milk & catching up on all my work. 

Ok- back to the salon party. I had SO much fun celebrating the grand re-opening of Arielle Salon in Brewster, New York. It really looks absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to Robin and the girls! I know who I'll be calling next time I need a hair cut! It is such a great feeling when you get to be a part of something important. 

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