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we're with her

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lessons can be learned in a million different ways. Sometimes from a book, sometimes from a movie. But it is the most empowering when a lesson is learned from another human being. Cory has MS. She was diagnosed a few years ago. Now she takes medication daily and is constantly battling her disease. She could sit around all day and wonder why this happened to her and let MS overpower who she is. Instead, she is just the same as I always remember her to be. Bubbly, sweet, & smiley with beautiful green eyes. There are so many insignificant things in life that we worry about, like if our hair looks nice or if our clothes are look perfect. I am especially guilty of this. Knowing Cory and her family has been a huge blessing to me. They paint a picture of what true strength is - Never stopping. Never giving up. Never losing hope. I had the honor of walking with team "We're with her" at the National MS Society's walk to help find a cure. Our team helped raise over $3,000 in hopes to finally find a way to stop this crappy disease! Read more about Cory's journey here.

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