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the biology of my family

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have never really been a big party person. I'm a huge introvert. I'd rather be on the sidelines observing than be celebrated or be the center of attention. I didn't want a 21st birthday party, but my mom figured out a way to sneak it in there. We would have a father's day party - and a birthday cake for me and my 93-year-old grandfather. No big deal, right? Wrong. If you're part of an Italian family, you know the deal. Cooking, cleaning, and preparing goes on for weeks. Even if it's just a little yard party. Everything has to be perfect. It just goes to show how much love I am surrounded by. A lot of times I don't really even think about it, because it's something that has always been there in my life. As I get older I realize why my mom, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have worked so hard to prepare for birthday parties and special occasions. It's not to show off their beautiful houses or great cooking skills, but to make everyone feel at home, comfortable, appreciated, and most importantly - loved. Everything has to be fit for kings and queens, because to my mother, that's what her family is. If there is one feeling in this entire world that I have never felt - it is unloved, and that really says a lot. 

Turning 21 is kind of surreal to me, because it's obviously something that I've anticipated my whole life. It's another huge step towards adulthood, and maybe I'm not ready for that. Time just keeps ticking away.. and maybe I'm not ready to realize that either. In biology we're learning about how all plants show a quality called phototropism- which means they are always drawn to the natural light no matter what. They can even turn towards wherever the sun is coming from.  As a photographer- the light is my paintbrush. I am constantly inspired by the way the light falls on the pavement or shines through the trees. I can't get over the way the sunshine turns yellow around dusk and slowly fades into the night. Then it really got me thinking. Don't we all show phototropism? Wherever the light comes from in our lives, we always find some way to turn to it. 

I didn't take these (obviously) but here's a few more from my party! Love you all! Xoxox.

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