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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I was inspired by Katelyn James' blog post to start to blog everyday. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to write about everyday that you guys would actually enjoy reading. Every Wednesday Katelyn writes a blog post called Wedding Wednesdays (she's a wedding photographer). Since I'm kind of a free spirit and I what "I am" doesn't necessarily fit into one category- I figured why not write every Monday about one of my many favorite things in this world, MAKE-UP. 

I'm gonna keep it pretty simple today & talk about a new found love of mine. Clinique. I have terribly sensitive skin. Super dry, too. My skin is really temperamental when it comes to products that I put on it so I began to do a little research. When I found out how intense Clinique is about allergy testing all of their products, I knew I needed to check them out. I made a trip to Macy's and told the consultant that I was looking for the perfect foundation for an even skin tone that won't look too cake-y. Keep in mind that I FEROCIOUSLY judge products by their packaging. I mean, who doesn't!? I love cute and colorful compacts, and lets be real, Clinique doesn't really market their products on how they look. I took a chance, deviated from the norm and purchased three products.

1.) Perfectly Real Compact Makeup - Literally the BEST face powder that I have ever tried (and I've tried them all) It really evens out your skin tone and appears perfectly natural in every light.

2.) Perfectly Real Makeup | Liquid Foundation - I don't wear liquid foundation everyday, but if I did this would easily be the one. Again, it's very natural with just the right amount of coverage. It's also non-greasy & unscented. A little bit goes a long way!

3.) Line Smoothing Concealer - OK! I would marry this little tube of concealer if I could. I have dark circles under my eyes that I can never seem to coverup. This stuff works and it lasts ALL DAY. Even in the hot sun.

Bottom line, I'm so impressed with Clinique's makeup. The more I use these products the more even-toned and smooth  my skin gets. I highly recommend checking these products out!

** DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Clinique or Macy's**

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