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the art of authentic posing - a photography workshop

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Let me start off by saying - where has this workshop been all of my life?! Aside from the fact that I got to meet and learn from two of my photography idols Justin & Mary, I also got to meet an amazing and inspiring group of local (and not so local) photographers. The workshop started off with a little meet and greet and some champagne and was followed up with a eye opening lecture that took us back to "the why" of photography. I mean, why do we even take photos anyways? As Mary put it, we take photos to create a legacy. To pass memories down to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One of my favorite things that was said at the workshop was "If there was no photographer around, would this actually happen?" Justin & Mary strive to create authentic, natural and meaningful images. Honestly, I have always admired their style of photography but never knew exactly why. I now know that it's because their photos are real. They tell a story. And each couple's story is different. 

After the lecture portion of the workshop we got to shooting. Justin & Mary taught us how to create and capture authentic moments with some of their go-to tricks. We practiced on two couples and a bride, as well as some of our new photographer friends! I am overwhelmed (in the best way possible) with how much I learned from this workshop and I cannot wait to put my newly acquired skills to the test. 

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